ZaPay Makes Saying 'Yes' So Easy!

Imagine a world where Friends can lend money to friends without a care in the world? Imagine family spotting each other a few bucks with no worries at all. That time has arrived. If you don’t know now you know! ZaPay is the start of a brand new era in friends and family lending! Download today and start “ZaPayin” right away!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
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Premium Features

What Makes ZaPay Different?

The Genius behind the app is in the automation of the payments. Once an agreement is reached, you don't have to worry, the app will take care of the rest.If Banks, and insurance companies do it, why can't you?

Fully functional

Seamless integration between Android and iOS users.

Automated Payments

Scheduled automated payback dates to ensure confidence and reduce confusion.

Secure Data

Uses the latest technologies and security standards to protect our users data.

Set It and Forget It

  • Select the transaction type.

  • Enter the amount.

  • Select the terms.

  • Enter the payback date.

  • Pick the contact.

  • Send the Request.

ZaPay Features

  • Chat Function in the app- Communicate with users within the app.
  • Transaction History-Keep record of every transaction
  • Star Rating system-Rate your fellow ZaPayers once the transaction is complete

How ZaPay Works?

Lending between friends and family made simple.

Install the App

ZaPay can be found and downloaded on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Setup Your Profile

Enter your relevant information needed to get you started.

Start Lending and Borrowing

Set the term, select the contact, and ZaPay it!

Awesome Interface

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Frequently asked questions

The ZaPay app can be found in the Google Play Store or The Apple App Store

Launch the ZaPay App> Go to the hamburger menu at the top left> select “My Profile”> Select Edit Profile> Edit the details that need to be changed

Sure, kindly fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

No worries, Please email

The ZaPay app is very user friendly. It takes users only minutes to figure out how to use. It also has everything you need is built in. Some of the premier features include:

ZaPay uses the same methods that companies use when auto drafting a bill payment. Except ZaPay is done on a personal level. ZaPay allows you the convenience to auto draft funds from your friends account and have money auto drafted from yours. What if you could auto-draft the money your cousin owes you? Or what if you set your debts to auto draft so that you won’t forget to pay your friends back?

Fill in the details needed to verify your identity

Start sending and receiving requests to lend and borrow right away!

ZaPay is available for all devices

ZaPay is available for all Android and Apple devices. Check the Google Play Store or The Apple app store. Links are available below for download.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Stay Tuned

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns. Fill out the form below or email us.